Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Treatments for thinning hair

Looking After your hair
Simply by looking after your hair is very important step against further thinning of hair. There is no need to avoid neither styling products like hairsprays, gel or mousse, nor perming or hair dyes. These will not worsen the problem. The fact is, perms and hairsprays can improve the appearance by lifting the hair and disguise the thinning. It is suggested that bleaching of hair and the use of hair relaxers should be avoided. Remember short bouncy hairstyles give you hair a lift and body. It is also all right to use hair colorants on thinning hair, but darker shades may make thinning more obvious.
Research shows that low stores of iron in the body can sometimes cause hair loss. So, if you are a vegetarian, ask your doctor for a blood test. Food that are iron-rich includes lean red meat, game, offal, egg yolks, dark green leafy vegetables, pulses. Vitamin C is known to help your body to absorb more iron. Although follicles of your hair need plenty of the essential amino acids (building blocks of proteins), it is doubtful whether increasing your intake of protein or taking amino acid supplements will really help.

Rogaine (minoxidil)
Rogaine has produces some improvement in thinning hair. About 1 in 20 who has used Rogaine notice hairiness of the face, even though the lotion is only applied to the scalp. Hairiness occurs on the cheeks, above the eyebrows and sometimes on the upper lip and chin. The reason for this is not known. It is suggested that Rogaine is carried in the blood capillaries from the scalp to the face, or maybe it is rubbed off onto a pillow that is in contact with the face while sleeping. If Rogaine used is continued, facial hairiness usually lessens over a year. If Rogaine is stopped, the symptoms go away within 1-6 months.

In some cases Oestrogen is prescribed for women with hair loss, but no proper research has been done to find out whether or not they worked at all. They are seldom prescribed now because Rogaine is obviously much more effective.

Hair transplantation
For people who are very distressed by thinning hair, and Rogaine has not helped, hair transplantation is an option.

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